What if I could grant your wish?  

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Learn how to apply modern science and ancient wisdom to your habits and routine, and when combined with coaching and community support, this will help you release overwhelm, guilt and a feeling of just existing.

Learn a set of practical tools and strategies that when applied will help you slow down and make better choices, leaving you feeling light, free and focused.  The end result is an energized life with connected relationships and a sense of peace and contentment.

Are you ready to discover your endless possibilities?  

Anna Berkelmans

Anna’s authentic and inspirational coaching style is focused yet gentle, and passionate yet intuitive.  Anna’s connection and guidance supports structure, commitment and accountability.

Working with Anna empowers a clear process to release overwhelm and build control over time, leaving you feeling light, free and focused.

Anna’s intuitive qualities and approach to using simple tools and strategies will help you design a reality of resilience and adaptability. Adept at steering conversations towards overcoming resistance, Anna’s empathetic nature paves the way for stability, creativity and freedom in everyday living.


Anna’s support for myself and other members has allowed me to make changes for a better version of me. I appreciate Anna’s personalised approach, adapted to whatever is going on for you in your life. This constantly changes and so can the habits, so learning to adapt has been very beneficial to my life.

Anna has so much knowledge and is always able to help guide you to where you need to be. I highly recommend working with Anna to experience a new way of learning to improve your life while receiving lots of support and a very personal touch
— Temora

Design your life to experience more freedom and flow

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Although you’ll catch a free spirit and a little spark of madness, it’s not all “nature of the cosmos” with Anna.  Guiding you safely across the threshold of overwhelm to underwhelm, Anna’s open-mind and practicality (grounded in science), empowers change in habits and relationships whilst fostering a deeper understanding of emotion, compassion and purpose.    


 The tools of my trade:

Vision & values -    creating an emotional link

Vision & values -

creating an emotional link

Structure & planning - intentional use of time

Structure & planning - intentional use of time

The habits of Ayurveda and yogis

The habits of Ayurveda and yogis


Kristen L, 52, Flinders Vic

Kristen L, 52, Flinders Vic

In 2008 I was confronted with a life threatening illness and in 2017 I was cured however life presented me with new challenges on how to maintain good health and enjoy life at a time when I was menopausal, having children leave home and transitioning into a different stage in my life. I lacked a little self esteem, motivation in my life and needed some simple advice. Anna simply changed my thinking and turned old habits into new and exciting habits that made me feel a better person both emotionally and physically. As a result, I have more energy, better sleep and I enjoy beautiful new recipes shared by Anna.
Life throws us many challenges and sometimes it’s worth seeking advice to help you become a happier and healthier person. I recommend the Mindful Habits program because working with Anna has changed my life for the better.

Find the calm among the chaos in our complex world

Slow down, get back in control of  time and feel fully connected in life and relationships. It’s important to release overwhelm, guilt and a sense of ‘just existing’ by putting attention on our-self and aligning actions to ones true purpose, fostering a life of greater presence.

  • Are you feeling frequently overwhelmed?

  • Are you feeling disconnected or deflated in your relationships?

  • Are you sacrificing your self-care by putting others first?

  • Are you spending more time worrying about the past or future, rather than feeling present?

  • Are you pushing yourself to do more than is reasonable for any given day?

  • Do you experience decision fatigue and lethargy?

  • Are you busy doing everything with mediocrity, rather than fewer things with greatness?

  • Do you frequently override the need for rest and reset?

Get clear on your next steps to feeling
light, free and focused.

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Exhale and allow your wish to come true