A Superheroine Journey

One of my favourite quotes :

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It’s been a year since I had the privilege of being awarded Yogahealers “Coach of the Month” and was interviewed by Cate Stillman, a great mentor who I continue to work with as both student and leadership team member.

Over the past few years I have used wisdom, strategies and tools to create many iterations of developing the next best version of myself. Both personally for improving my lifestyle but also creating the opportunity to have impact in the world. I am blessed to have created a lifestyle that balances my family, nursing career and commitment to teaching yoga and leading a team of Yoga teachers and Yogis within a beautiful community at Body yoga, Berwick, Victoria, Australia.

The most recent and bold iterations have been launching myself behind the scenes as a Health Coach that has captured my heart and soul and now drives me to fully step into my shoes and own my results. I have created a platform for helping caregivers release overwhelm and develop a lifestyle with freedom and flow. It’s time to launch my new brand and I’m very excited!

The key components of my work in Health Coaching include simple and practical application of wisdom, tools and strategies adopted from yoga, Ayurveda and habit change science. These fundamentals, paired with individual and group coaching, have allowed me to empower many amazing groups of women in the past few years. This journey includes learning the art of small actionable steps, releasing decision fatigue, and experiencing a sense of greater peace, clarity and stability.

Feel free to read or listen to a past iteration of my journey and development as a health Coach in the interview: Coach of the month: Anna Berkelmans. Creating my destiny and making a dream come true has required me to believe new things about myself and really does require focus, guidance and community support. This interview and recognition helped me believe new things about myself as does the great feedback I receive from my mentors, peers and clients.


Before working with Anna and Mindful Habits I found myself completely overwhelmed in many areas of my life. Any time I tried to make positive changes, I would go all or nothing and then give up because it was all too hard. Anna has taught me how to break things down, to let go of unrealistic expectations & to celebrate the small wins that in turn become healthy sustainable habits. I have learnt to be more aware on a daily basis of the things that power me up and the things that bring me down. Anna has helped me on so many levels, but most of all, she has inspired me to make small changes everyday to become more authentic and aware and the best I can be.
— Keren Gurrieri 41yrs Melbourne

I am looking forward to sharing the wisdom, strategies and tools with you and so much more!. I have discovered and unlocked endless possibilities for my own wellness journey and I am so pleased to share my new brand, aligned with my up-levelled identity!